WP Panoramio

WP Panoramio is a simple plugin that display worldwide best photos, this plugin get all photos from Panoramio site, all photos that served and uploaded in that site are viewable in this plugin, you can select which city or country to get the images from.

Download Plugin

The new download link is at WP Panoramio.


  • Download the plugin direct from the Plugin Page at WordPress.
  • Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin
  • Insert the shortcode!


How do I add WP Panoramio into my site?

You can add this plugin in two easist way, by



Update v1.5.0
Now you can add place attribute into the shortcode please changelog below for more info.

Can I use this plugin into my site sidebar?

Yes, just use the shortcode [wp_panoramio], if this does not work, then you need to add a little trick into the function.php file of your site.


  • Style
    • Photo List
    • Slideshow
    • Photo
    • List
  • Editable Photo List thumbnail position
    • Top
    • Right
    • Bottom
    • Left
  • Editable number of thumbnail to display
  • Editable list orientation
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
  • Editable width and height
  • Editable bacgkround color



  • Add new shortcode place attribute for individual posts.


  • Initial release version

Upgrade Notice


  • Add new functionality which you can add place on shortcode, e.g. [wp_panoramio place=”philippines”]


  • Initial release version

Panoramio for Joomla

To download panoramio module for Joomla visit at panoramio module page.

Download Plugin

The new download link is at WP Panoramio.


Thanks for using WP Panoramio. You can show your appreciation and support for future development by donating.


If you have something to add new functionality in this plugin please add it below.

by Ryan Sutana

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  • Tomi

    Hi, Great plugin, but it would me nice if I can specify different location for each posts…Do you plane to upgrade it? Or it there some simple solution to achieve it? Thnaks

    • To add WP Panoramio on each post or multiple WP Panoramio in one post just add this shortcode [wp_panoramio place=”philippines”] for example 😉

      • Tomi

        Thank you!
        This is exactly what I needed. But I have now different problem…
        I would like to filter images not only from country or city, but mostly from specified places. In this case many images have different names(example: Castel of Sant’angelo, Castle of angels, angels`s castle) and I am getting only few images as a results or none.
        What I want to ask is, if it will be possible to: set Latitude and Longitude for each post and set range for result search from panoramio.

        Sorry for my english.

        BTW.: this is the first panoramio plugin for WP which is actually working.

        • Unfortunately the Lat and Long functionality is not added in my plugin yet 🙁

          About the few images display, that is because there are only few who uploaded in panoramio site, to display more or other photos you need to upload it in panoramio site first.

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  • marek

    Hi Ryan. Great plugin! Is there a way to make it responsive? any suggestions or css tweak? Thank you! m.

    • Since the data is generated using the API we don’t have much control maybe by targeting iFrame directly, iframe{ width: 100%; }

      • marek

        Thanks for reply, yes, this should work, but getting hard time to implement it with plugin shortcode..any help will be appreciate. thx again.