NV Slider for WordPress

This plugin allows you to add content slider in your post, page or even in your theme sidebar it works like a charm without much knowledge in programming, using WordPress shortcode it works smoothly.

NV Slider use WordPress’s thumbnail support, so you have the power to crop or edit image size to suit your site need and if that seems hard for you not a problem this plugin also has a timthumb.php built-in so resizing and croping image is not your job 😉

Download Plugin

Download the plugin atWordPress Repository.


  • Effect
    • Random
    • Slide Down
    • Slide Down Left
    • Slide Up
    • Slide Updown
    • Slide Updown Left
    • Fold
    • Fade and many more
  • Slider Navigation
  • Direction Nav
  • Control Nav
  • Keyboard Nav
  • Editable Animation Speed
  • Editable Pause Time
  • Editable Start Slide
  • Editable Number of Thumbnail to Display
  • Editable Width and Height
  • Support timthumb


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add NV Slider into my site?

You can add this plugin in two easist way, by




  • Initial release version

Download Plugin

Download the plugin atWordPress Repository.

NV Slider for Joomla

To download NV Slider for Joomla visit at NV Slider module page.

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If you have something to add new functionality in this plugin please add it in comment below.

by Ryan Sutana

  • I don’t get how it works :/ I get the same as to create a new post if I try to create a new one. How do I add the pics? How do I implement it in another post? A bit of usage information in the documentation would be nice 🙂

    • Hi @Sara, the documentation will be available soon, and to add image just use the “featured image”.

      Ryan S

  • Shivaji Mitra

    After Installation, I added few Nav Slider Pages with Featured Images but the Slider is not visible at all.

    Preloader images is only visible. Same error in all browser.

    • It seems we have conflict here.
      Can you post the errors?

      btw, I’ve written a full re-coded version of the plugin.

      Ryan S

  • glouisjean

    Like the others, can’t get it working. Only the loader and the image of the day is visible. Need help and explanation please.
    G. Louisjean

    • Hi @glouisjean, did you check if you’re having conflict in other plugin?

      Ryan S

  • How do i add a link to the slider image?

    • Currently it is not supported yet but it is easy to add using Custom Fields or if you know Custom Meta it’s great.

    • The new version support custom slider link now.

  • Can i add a caption in the slider?

    • Yup, you can add caption.

  • Hi
    Tried to install this but like many plugins the install instructions are not complete!
    So far all I got was the loading gif showing!
    Which is probably no surprise as I have seen no way to load images for this & no instructions about loading images!
    Better documentation needed for plugin install & use instructions!

    • The plugin is very strength forward, open the NV Slider icon in WordPress Dashabord area and start adding new slider using Featured image and done that’s it, you can only set the slider settings under NV Slider tab, that’s how it run very simple.

      I’ve updated the plugin, V1.5.0, it also compatible in latest WordPress version.

  • natalie

    no demo?