by Ryan Sutana

  • Joaco22

    Ryan, thanks for this code.

    One cuestion: You know why, once created the user, the
    “$success = ‘You\’re successfully register’;” doesn’t appear…this is the only thing i’m missing.


    • @Joaco22 copy the Completed Source Code above, you forgot to echo message.

      Ryan S

  • Aldyan Imayazar

    Dude , thanks for the Tutorial ..
    It’s really Helping me Out !

    • I’m glad it helps 😉

  • Karl Brune

    Hi Ryan,

    thanks for this great post! I was able to implement it into my html signup form.

    I would further to add custom fields to the registration form, let’s say year of birth.

    How would I go about that?

    I’ve tried this:

    and I can successfully register a user, but the yob is not saved in the database?

    Also I read that this should be saved as user meta data?

    Not sure, would appreciate any help!


    • Hi @karl,

      Yeah you’re right you need to add user_meta to add another field, but nothing to worry about it’s not hard as you thought, here’s how it works use update_user_meta() function to add new meta just use the return user_ID in user_ID field.

      Hope that helps.

  • riska

    Thanks for the best tutorial, you are my hero!!!

    • Glad you find my this post helpful

  • Jewel Rana

    Ryan. Thanks for this great post!

  • Park Bom Lee

    btw how can i make that ?? im new at wordpress

  • Park Bom Lee

    Please Reply

  • Ravi

    Hi Ryan,
    I have a requirement to allow user to fill form and save it in my data base.
    Do you have any blogs which does this in wordpress…
    Currently, I am facing connection issues after submitting form.

    • The above does it, the user fill their information and save to user table in WP

      • Ravi

        Thanks Ryan for this information.
        I am new to wordpress hence asking too many questions.
        Can you just highlight which part of code deals with posting data…like connecting to database and then inserting data into tables(my table is not user table, it is custom table).

        Let me tell you my requirement…
        There is registration form which has country and state in selection options. When I select country then that country’s states should appear in state’s selection option.
        Then user submits the data and this will be send as mail to my id along with storing in table named – Enquiries

        Please give me sum pointers.

        Tons of Thanks for your support,