WordPress Always Asking for FTP Login Information on Upgrade

Upgrading, installing, deleting wordpress plugin and themes are the most things you do in wordpress development site and in order to install, upgrade and delete files you need to have full ownership or permissions, if ever wordpress always ask your FTP login information, don’t worry folks I’ve provide three solutions for these.

As what I’ve tried and knew there were three solutions for this and it could be helpful if you share your solution too :).

Step One:

Put this lines of code in your wp-config.php file, just before MySQL settings.

Step Two:

If you have full access in your server or do you have VPS server you can install “suPHP” and then after installing suPHP restart your apache, and it works fine.

Step Three:

Set all your wordpress file ownership to nobody.nobody but this is not recommended as your account easily hacked/cracked by someone else due to nobody.nobody ownership or low file ownership.

That’s it and your problem is gone 😉

by Ryan Sutana

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