The WordPress Theme

This is a simple and elegant WordPress Theme that suit for personal and business use, it has an ability to add multiple sidebar widget and footer widget, this theme has a built in pages like Login Page, Contact Page and One column Page, this is very useful when you want to display your pages in a different format, see below for more features.

Download The WordPress Theme for WordPress


  • Menus Options
    • Primary Menus (Top)
    • Secondary Menus (Footer)
  • Widget Options
    • Sidebar Widget
    • Footer Widget
  • Page Attributes
    • Contact Page
    • Login Page
    • One Column Page


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  • WP 3.0 Menus Supported
  • Featured Image
  • Slideshow plugin for featured article/post
  • Net Working Sites
  • Theme settings

Download The WordPress Theme for WordPress

by Ryan Sutana

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