Move/Convert WordPress Pages to Posts

WordPress is one of the leading CMS today, for personal blog or for business site with Over 25 million people have chosen, in wordpress you can create posts and pages separately, Pages are static and are not listed by date while the Posts is oppissite and you can assign it in any category and sub-category as many as you want, visit wordpress support for more information on posts and pages, but sometimes we mistake creating both, we create page instead of post or vise versa and wordpress does not support yet converting this automatically within admin panel so I decided to create this tutorial to help you out this problem.

Difficulties: Intermediate

Important: It requires Cpanel login information.

Login to your Cpanel and click phpMyAdmin by default it is shown at the bottom of your cpanel page, after you click it then select the database of your site, if you don’t know the database name of your site, you can see it in the wp-config.php file, in the line 19 that says

Under in your database name click wp_posts table and it shows all pages and posts records of your site, if you have bunch of records there, click on the SQL tab at the top and paste this line of code.

That will show only all post data/records of your site.

Now you can select which record you want to convert, by clicking one of your pages.

All you need to do is edit these two records and be careful only these two records and don’t do anything else.

From this


To this


Thats it and click save.

Goto your site admin panel and click on Post and you notice that the page you edited a while ago are/is there but you need to assign it in a category or sub-category because by default it is assign as uncategorized.

by Ryan Sutana

  • Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

    • Kudos to you! I hadn’t tohught of that!

  • your images are missing… and that makes this very confusing.

    • Hi sorry for that, all fine now.

  • vanmeshi

    could I do the opposite for moving posts to pages?

    • Yeah sure np, just simply do the opposite order too