Length of first filename in archive must be 8, but was 9?

Are you getting mad searching, digging all websites and forums what this error means? Thinking how you can solve the problem? Well now youre in the right direction I will share you how did I solve the problem, I got to the point that I need to share my solutions and trick how did I solve this ePub error, to solve this problem is simple just follow the step by step process.

First Step:

Zipped the mimetype file first, means only mimetype file in a zipd may look similar in the picture below.

Second Step:

Drag and drop the remaining folder to the zipped/mimetype.zip, so now our zipped file contain the entire necessary file and folder for our ePub, may look similar in the picture below.


Third Step:

Now just rename the zipped file to .epub extensions, mine I just rename it to myeBook.epub see the image below for a sample.

That’s it hope it helps :), enjoy creating your ePub eBook.

by Ryan Sutana

  • Wonderful! You solved my headache…I studied all Dublin Core info and epub, etc. I got several epub working fine and some with this error, comparing both have the same scheme … thank you again… may universe bless you.


  • Hi @angelo thanks if you find my post helpful I’m glad that this simple tutorial help you in your epub error/problem.

  • Goethe-Verlag

    I don’t understand why it works – but it really works! I checked so many options and always got the error: “length of first filename in archive must be 8, but was 9”

  • Can I make a suggestion? I feel youve got some thing very good here. But what in the event you added a couple links to a page that backs up what youre saying? Or maybe you could give us something to take a look at, something that would connect what youre saying to some thing tangible? Just a suggestion.

  • Peter Davis

    Amazing help just wheb I needed it. Thanks so much!

  • Ohh thanks so much. Strange error and solution, but now Azardi loads it again!

  • nikita

    i had tried to all solutions that are mentions in above but error is not removing.

    ERROR:Length of the first file name in archive must be 8, but was 9
    plz… give me solution as soon as possible.

    • “give me solution as soon as possible.”
      – Like a boss huh? I already provided the best solution I ever know, the web is an open world feel free to surf, I’m sure there are other solution out there.