How to Remove Featured Image From Within Page or Post – WordPress

On previous days I’m working on a site of my employer and I came to the problem that the featured image is displays in a post or pages where you attached the featured image. And I just want to share you this trick preventing to display the featured image in a single post or pages using this CSS code.

Conclusion: This trick is very useful when you want only featured image to display as a banner on single page or post and not inside the page or post content.

That’s it and it works like a charm

by Ryan Sutana

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  • WordPress at its best – really love your site here, good clean, easy to navigate, up-to-date great information.

    I learned alot from this, can’t wait to try it out!

    • Thanks @d4859935631a74b7ef3775ebf77cc14f:disqus, I’m glad you like the minimal design of my theme ^_^

  • Really? Your solution is a css rule that ignores SEO?

    • If you say solutions there are lots of them.

      1. Removing PHP code in your page or single file
      2. Don’t add featured image(if no featured, no problem)
      3. and the CSS code above

  • Ed Vawter

    Which css file should this be placed in? I’m using a template from Yootheme.

    • You can add it anywhere in your front-end CSS files, of course you will not add it in Admin as you will use it in front-end, are you? ^_^