How to Get Products RSS Feeds in WP e-Commerce Plugin

Are you currently working on your e-Commerce site that runs with WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin? And want to increase the visibility on each of your site products? To work on SEO in your site is not an easy task as you need to be patient, full time on customizing and adding it to top directory site or social sites just to increase organic traffic or it so called Link Building strategy. One of the secret increasing your site product is by submitting your RSS Feeds on top RSS aggregator site.

WordPress has a built-in RSS Feed functionality for Post, Category, Atom, PDF or even comment RSS Feed, and it sounds great right? You don’t need to install other extensions or plugin just to get RSS feed, while viewing post RSS Feeds do you notice that it only display post type and products pages or posts are not included?. So How you can get WP e-Commerce RSS Feeds? in this article I will try to give you a possible solution, this might be the good one but sure this help you out 😉

Okay let’s start.


Instead of using default RSS Feeds of your site, what we need here is a little bit customizing to fit our need, see below.

WordPress RSS Feeds

To know more about WordPress Built-in please visit at WordPress Feeds

That’s it and your products pages are now ready to submit 😉

by Ryan Sutana