by Ryan Sutana

  • …and where do you put it?
    Into the functions.php?
    Would be great to know – I put it into functions and errors are not displayed anymore but also not the wording I have changed.

    • Hi @facebook-569912602:disqus,

      I’ve added new fixes hope that works :), yeah just add it in functions.php file of your theme.

  • in2thelab

    Thaaaank you so much! your last code works very nice!

    • @in2thelab:disqus I’m glad it helps at least the last one 😀

  • jeff

    Thank you for this. Would the same apply for the registration page?

    • Didn’t tested it yet but hopefully yes, just add condition depending to what error you’re going to replace.

  • naplpm

    Hello, thanks for this post, the point is that I’m trying to do this on a WP multisite, and it doesn’t work at all, I tried placing the code on the functions.php file, both on the sub-site where I need this to work, as also on the main site, but with no results. Any idea?

    • Hi @disqus_I5hxwpRW5g:disqus have you tried all solution above?

      • naplpm

        Hi @ryscript, thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried all three solutions, on both the main site and the sub site. It didn’t work.