Fireworks Text Effect

I received a message from a friend of mine to create a step-by-step tutorial on Fireworks text effect and I decided to make a simple one. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a simple but elegant fireworks text effect. To start, let us get an image as our background. Here is the one I used, I am using stone image and you can get more on the web.

Now write some text, using Text Tool or Press “T” for Text Tool shortcut.


And now on the Fill Options, Change Solid to Pattern and there are lots of default pattern to show now at the very bottom click on Other… and browse same image that we’re using as our background image.

Click on your text and Click Pointer Tool or press “v”/”0”, move the texture that on the text to the left bottom corner of the background.

Make sure the text blend to the background and same pixel location.


Now its time to add our effects


Brightness/Contrast Click on the Filter and then Adjust Color under adjust color goto Brightness/Contrast.




Glow effect



Inner Shadow effect



That’s it, you can play more on the style and Fireworks effect to look more elegant, hope it helps.

by Ryan Sutana

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