Fatal: LF would be replaced by CRLF – git version control system

Hi, Today I will share my experience in git, open source control system, on previous day I’m working on a client site and push all updated files to remote using git control system and unfortunately I got fatal error and as a git novice, I really don’t know what this error mean, You can’t add, commit, push or even fetch remote files, so I’ve begun searching, digging on the net and got this very helpful and accurate solution and I will share you to this solution.


Open git bash and type this command, which tells autocrlf set to false.

or if you want to ensure that all your text files have only LF then

Update Solution:

If you have Notepad++ installed in your computer, simply follow these steps.

1. Open the file that is having the Fatal issue.
2. Click Edit -> EOL Conversion then select Windows Format or to any that you’re having an issue committing.

I mostly use the second solution it’s working like a charm.

That’s it, hope it helps.

by Ryan Sutana