Adding/Customizing Account and Checkout Billing Fields – WooCommerce

This is another snippet in WooCommerce I’d like to share with you guys, I’ve been working with WooCommerce lately and one of the functionality client requested is to add custom fields in Checkout Billing and have it propagated to My Account page, so user can update and add information in their spare time with ease.

Worry about the save and update hook? WooCoommerce automatically do that for us folks so set back and enjoy, we’re done, and yes that’s easy not as what you’ve expected.

Let’s get started



Happy coding ^_^

by Ryan Sutana

  • Eduardo Silva

    Thank you for your code! It’s working perfectly on checkout and billing address edit page 🙂
    How can I show this custom fields also on “My account” page, in the “Billing Address” section?

    I hope you can help me ~~

    • Alejandro

      Eduardo, Find a solution to your question? I’m having the same issue.

  • Good job! Thank you. Can you help me? I want to print this $fields in order detail in the backend and into email order template. How can to do this?