Customize and Replace Default Author Box in Genesis Framework

Many WordPress sites now are running with Genesis Framework, a Premium Theme Framework by Studio Press, it’s a great framework for building WordPress site and with state of the art code, smart design architecture and many other built-in theme functionality to make sure your site are high quality. In this tutorial I will share you how to customize default author box and how to replace it with our custom code or custom author box.

Okay let’s start.

Customize the Default Author Box

Before replacing default author box let’s customize it first, here I will show you some technique how to customize default author box.

Modify Author Box Title

Modify Gravatar Size

Enable Author Box Globally

If your site has a multiple author, now you don’t need to go each of them and enable author box for post and archive, just simple put this code in functions.php file of your current theme and done.


That’s it, now the default author box show a little bit different :).

Replacing Default Author Box

So you’re not satisfied in default author box huh? Well, not problem folks, here I will show you how to add and replace default author box.

Sample Output:

Sample Output Genesis Custom Author Box

Step 1:

Since our goal here is to replace default author box with our own code, so we need to remove default box first, here’s the code to do it.

Step 2:

In this step we we’re going to create a new custom author box, I have here I pre-coded custom author box just copy and paste this code to try in yourself.

Here are the lists of functions I’m using below.

Here’s the complete custom Author Box code.


To beatify our custom author box we need to add CSS code.

That’s it ;), hope it helps.

by Ryan Sutana