by Ryan Sutana

  • neda

    hey thanks for the article, a typical question I always ask: is it safe?
    I notice you used nonce and I guess apply_filter() function escapes the values in proper way but is there any other code I could add to make it more secure?

    • You can add another line in your ajax.php file to check if it’s accessed directly or not, if it does, then throw an error, it’s another way of adding security, though key and nonce are a good and always do check for returned and passed value.

      Hope that helps.

  • Hi Ryan,

    I want to implement Google reCAPTCHA on both login and registration forms and validate it. What should I do next ?


    • What does Google require or need to implement reCAPTCHA, does they require submission of data? if only check if you’re real maybe you can get checked on submitted data like if 1 then Go and 0 spam etc.