by Ryan Sutana

  • Matthew

    I am not coming right with this implementation can you assist me? Maybe the version this file have been updated since this post?

    • HI Matthew yeah I think so but if you can still find gf_create_user() function inside userregistration.php file then no problem, or maybe it is added in other file, the idea in re-login is simple.

      1. Create a function to login user
      2. Add the function you created in step 1 just after registration function, in this casegf_create_user()

      That’s it.

      Hope that helps.

      • Matthew

        Thank you for your feedback, ran out of time so was not able to implement on the current project but will attempt on the next one, excited to get this working!!

  • jradar

    i also could not get this to work, i explored all the files the plugin has and could not find gf_create_user() anywhere … any help?!

    • See my conversation with @matthew below, they might change the function name in the new update.

  • Axel Rosenbauer

    Hey Ryan,
    still have problems to implement it in the current version 🙁
    Can you help me please

    • Want to clarify if you installed “User Registration Add-on” Add-on first?

  • Rose Ann Haft

    Yes, I just tried to implement the code and it’s not clear if the first snipit should come after the current version’s line 2160

    // Hook into Gravity Forms

    public static function gf_create_user($entry, $form, $fulfilled = false) {

    self::log_debug( “form #{$form[‘id’]} – starting gf_create_user().” );

    global $wpdb;

    or if it should come before the next public static function. This is a huge help and any guidance would be appreciated!