Welcome to Sutana Ryan Blog and Portfolio Site

And finally after waiting for a few days I have my own site running and I welcome you all here.

This site is collection of my knowledge and sharpening my skills. I would be very happy if any of my site modules, plugins, themes, posts and another related tips and tricks are useful for you.

I’m currently working as a WordPress Developer and studying mobile apps hopefully I can get it soon :) and I also do web services or click the link above to find out more.

Thanks for stopping by.

Recent Articles

  • Count User Posts with Custom Post Type

    Count User Posts with Custom Post Type

    At the moment count_user_posts() is a handy function that return user post count however it only return ‘post’ post-type, (wish of way to add custom post type?) while digging I saw a light, I found a trac that WordPress is

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  • Underlined TextView text in Android

    Underlined TextView text in Android

    I’ve been developing Android Apps a week now, like you I’m a beginner in this field too and just started to broaden my mind in app development, to save me time digging the net I’ve decided to add new interested

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  • Remove WooCommerce Sidebar

    Remove WooCommerce Sidebar

    Here’s another snippet to remove WooCommerce sidebar in all single product pages, category or in specific product page only, sure you can remove the sidebar using CSS code but it’s not the good solution and for me it is ugliest

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  • Hide WooCommerce “From:” Label

    Hide WooCommerce “From:” Label

    This little snippet simply hide “From:” label from product category or in shop page display, WooCommerce is an easy and flexible to use Ecommerce solution for WordPress with the use of WordPress hooks everything works perfectly. [crayon-53526ac116e40345682957/] To replace “From:”

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